Hey everybody!  Thanks for taking the time to shop our apparel.

I think you will find some pretty cool stuff here to show off your support and loyalty to V-PICKS.  And we very much appreciate both your loyalty and support!  Believe me.

We do not print our apparel here at the factory.  I have subbed it out to a very good company that prints each item right after you order it and they promptly mail it as well.  You should get them soon after your order and I think you will be very satisfied.  We only choose to do business with companies that have high quality merchandise and apparel.

Hats, shirts and necklaces.  I know they don’t have much to do with making you a better guitar player, but they are fun.  And it helps us more than I can tell you when you help to spread the word about V-PICKS.  It is folks like you have has helped our company to grow and become successful.  THANK YOU from all of us.

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