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This is another common question asked of me, “What to do if your pick does not stick to your fingers well anymore?”

Wash the pick and your hands in warm soapy water and towel dry. It is that simple!

It does not look like it but this material does indeed have a surface area where oil and grime can collect. Over time your V-Pick can become like a regular pick and not have that gripping quality.  Warm soapy water is the best thing that I have found to clean this off and it is also the most readily available!  I have hopped into many a bathroom over the years and washed my pick.

The time frame between washes really depends on you.  If you are the kind of person that looks like they drug a pizza over you, like I am, then you may need to wash them every couple of weeks.  Some players never wash them and they are ok for life. These people make me sick!

NEVER use hand cream and then expect V-Picks to stick to your fingers. Just won’t happen.

Thank for playing our picks!


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