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V-PICKS offers a better sound, deeper, richer, and more full.  Therefore, some very good reasons to order guitar picks from V-PICKS. Based in Nashville, this family owned business.   We have acquired a dedicated following of musicians including some prominent guitarists such as Carlos Santana, Billy Gibbons, and Phil Keaggy. Guitarists love the quality picks from V-PICKS and some have teamed-up with Vinni Smith to custom design picks that match their exact needs. These signature picks represent the styles and features preferred by some of today’s greatest guitarists.


V-PICKS Guitar Picks are indeed much different than other picks you have used in the past.

V-PICKS are famous for their detailed craftsmanship and special blend of acrylics. Our picks feel like an extension of your fingers.  They are so responsive that you don’t even think about the pick.  Instead you think about the incredible range of sounds you can create with the perfect pick.  “What makes a perfect pick?” you might ask.  Well, that’s different for every person.  Some people prefer a thin pick which allows you to make intricate moves and produce delicate sounds.  Other guitarists prefer thick picks which give deeper, stronger, and louder sound.  No matter which size you choose, the picks from V-Picks are made with a special blend of acrylics so the picks are temperature sensitive.  Consequently,  when the picks warm-up between your fingers, they become a bit tacky and won’t slip. When you’re doing a solo, that anti-slip quality is going to come in handy!

For a few dollars each, you can afford to order guitar picks in a number of styles, sizes, and thicknesses to determine the best pick for you. Don’t limit yourself to one pick, one size, and one thickness: give yourself the chance to explore and expand beyond the comfort zone. You’ll be impressed at what a good pick can do for your sound! If you’re a beginner or not sure what kind of pick works for you, try our Starter Kit which feature a range of pick sizes and thicknesses.


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