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Ed King

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Shredder Pinstripe
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Joshua Craig

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It is our pleasure to list our Artist Endorsements of V-PICKS Guitar Picks


Along with the very first guitar picks I made, I was eager to have some major Artist endorsements. I had a dream of Carlos Santana someday playing my picks.  He was a big influence for me as a lad learning to play guitar.  Therefore, I thought it would be so cool if he actually played my picks. Well, one day a customer called to order picks. At the end of the conversation he said “If you throw in a few extras I will give them to my friend Carlos Santana”. I did not believe him.  I thought he just wanted extra free picks. However something inside me told me to go along with it. So, I did. Two weeks later I get a call from Chad, Carlos’s body guard to order picks! This is when I knew, things were going to get big.

Another day I get a phone call.  The voice said, “This is Tim Montana and I am with Billy Gibbons.  We want to come over to the V-PICKS ranch and meet you”. I barked back into the phone, “WHO IS THIS?” Again he assured me it was he and Billy and they wanted to come by for a visit. I told Audrey, “There is a 50% chance Billy Gibbons is coming over today”. I just did not believe it. Thinking someone was messing with my head, about 45 minutes later I see The Rev trying to find his way through my electric gates!

Master Players Endorsing V-PICKS Guitar Picks

I am so excited and so honored to say the following is a list of artist endorsing V-PICKS Guitar Picks.  These are players that actually order picks from us on a regular basis.  Not someone that we happen to hand a handful of picks to at NAMM and then call them endorsers.  Nope.  Each one of these guys has their own story to tell and reason for playing V-PICKS Guitar Picks.  Every one of them are wonderful to work with.  I have a cool story to go along with most of them. Some of their pick models have been specifically designed for the artist and some of them are playing the regular stock models.  Each one has their names laser etched on the pick.

In conclusion, I have the best job in the world as far as I am concerned.  When the phone rings there is just no telling who is on the other end of the line. One day I hope it is Brian May. He is still one of my favorites and I think he would love V-PICKS.

An Intersting Note In Closing.

We do not pay an artist for playing our picks as some companies do.  We DO pay them for their autographs that are available for you to purchase, but not for playing our product.  Even Carlos Santana pays for his V-PICKS.  What is my point?  There are companies standing in line to have Billy, Carlos, Johnny and Phil use their products.  Instead, they have chosen to play V-PICKS even though there is a cost.  Because of this, you know they’re all playing V-PICKS because they love them.  I think that is a substantial fact indeed.

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