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Nothing is harder, for me, than finding a black, red or blue guitar pick on a dark plywood or carpeted stage. I have learned if I drop any of the above, forget it. But not with V-PICKS: Look for the Reflection! Even though most of our models are clear, if one ever does end on a stage, just stand back and look for the reflection of the light coming from the pick. It will catch any light, directed at the stage in that room. It may be a white light or a colored light. But if you just stand back and look, you will see it. Now, of course you will not if it has bounced around and gone under the drummer or and amp. In this case you will find it when you take down the equipment. That is IF you are not too drunk or high! And, please remember one thing, these picks are a bit more massive and weigh just a bit more than the average Brand X. Therefore they will tend to bounce or roll. This means they will most likely not be right next to your foot. They can travel up to 6′. I have seen it!

“Don’t look at the light!”
“I can’t help it!”

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