Guitar Picks

The fastest guitar player that I know, picks every note he plays. Almost no hammer-ons or pull-offs. He taught me to play back in the early 70’s His name is David Azevedo. When Dave plays, you can literally reach over and take the pick out of his hands with no resistance. He barely holds the pick and barely pushes the strings to the fretboard. This is how he does it. And we are talking Yngwie speed here. He has always told me to keep my hands, wrists and arms relaxed and loose. That is how he does it.

Most of us play guitar with a death grip. We not only choke the life out of the neck, we also hold our pick like it is our last dime! I have been told this will wreck a person over 30-40 years. Some say they can barely play anymore without pain because of the tendinitis they have brought upon themselves with poor playing habits.

This is why I designed and play with V-PICKS Guitar Picks. As they warm up to your touch, they will begin to cling to your fingers. They will hold to you and you don’t need to concern yourself with holding on to your guitar pick. The longer you play with V-Picks, the lighter your grip and touch will become. This is because you will find there is no reason to work so hard. Why work so hard? This will free you up to not only play faster, but also to experiment more with tempos and accents. You could not do them before because you were playing so stiff. It is simple, the more relaxed your hands and arms are when you are playing, the better and longer you can play. I have many people say that V-Picks have allowed them to play again without pain or discomfort. I have had even more folks say they play much better after playing V-PICKS for some time. Few things make me happier than hearing something like this…………

Oh, and I am more than happy and proud to say that David Azevedo plays V-PiICKS exclusively!!!

So, chill out! Lighten up! Enjoy playing your guitar for the next 50 years with V-PICKS Guitar Picks.

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