Gypsy jazz is a style often attributed to the French guitarists Jean “Django” Reinhardt. Gypsy jazz is also called gypsy swing, hot swing, jazz manouche, and other names. One of the main difference between gypsy jazz compared to American jazz is that gypsy jazz does not include drums. Rhythm guitars effectively replace the use of drums. A typical gypsy jazz ensemble includes a guitar and violin as the lead instruments as well as a clarinet, mandolin, and/or accordion. Gypsy jazz artists create their distinctive brand of music by the use of gypsy jazz picks.

Gypsy Jazz Picks

There are no rules when it comes to guitar picks, but a typical gypsy jazz pick is big, thick, and sturdy. This is mostly because this was the type of pick Jean Reinhardt used when developing his sound. Aspiring gypsy jazz artists follow in the footsteps of musical greats such as Django himself. V-PICKS offers a series of picks ideal for gypsy jazz – the picks deliver the awesome tone and power needed for this spectacular sound. The special blend of acrylics allows the picks to be heat sensitive: with the warmth of your fingers, the picks become a bit tacky and won’t slip from your fingers while you play. With a selection of colors and sizes, there’s got to be one perfect for you.

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V-PICKS: Our Story

V-PICKS has been developing picks for guitars, mandolins, bass, and dulcimers since 1980. Our family-owned business makes picks by hand. Over the years, V-PICKS has accumulated a modest following of devoted musicians who love V-PICKS’ quality picks. Made with a special blend of acrylics, these picks are a pleasure to use and they produce brighter highs and richer lows. If you haven’t already tried V-PICKS picks, then today is the day! See how the right pick can increase your range of music and enhance your performance like never before!  Please be aware that shipping within USA is only $1.99 (we also ship internationally) so don’t be shy, give us a call at (615) 927-5989 or contact us online.

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gypsy Jazz Picks

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