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Buy Guitar Picks Package Deals for Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Bass guitar picks & Dulcimer Picks & even Therapeutic picks for players with hand injuries. You will save a lot of money on these deals.  In addition, it has been said that V-PICKS are the best guitar picks & mandolin picks available today.  Whether you are looking for beginner mandolin picks or picks for the pro guitarist, we have the perfect plectrum for you!  Also, V-PICKS are the slip resistant acrylic picks that you have heard so much about.  As a matter of fact, many have called them the best picks on the market today. In other words, if you have not played our picks before, you are in for a big treat. You will discover that you have been leaving a lot of tone inside your instrument.  Yes, they sound that good!

Why V-PICKS Guitar Pick Package Deals?

When you play V-PICKS you will notice as your fingers warm the pick, it will generate a clinging action, and without the pick being sticky. This will result in fewer dropped picks while you are playing!  V-PICKS Guitar & Mandolin picks are the ONLY acrylic picks that are heat tempered.  We heat treat them with very high heat in our hand made process.  What this does is make the acrylic stronger and more dense.  This makes the pick stronger and more wear resistant.

We get letters almost every day from our customers telling us how happy they are with our picks and how V-PICKS has impacted their playing. Some have said we have changed their musical life.  Are you ready for that change?  I bet you are…

These are just a few reasons why artists like Carlos Santana, Billy Gibbons and many other famous artists play V-Picks.

  • Play Better
  • Sound Better
  • Never Drop Your Pick Again 
  • Fast Action – Superior Tone & Super Grip

For more information about V-PICKS Guitar and Mandolin Picks check out our Wiki page.

NOTE:  If you don’t see a V-PICK Guitar Picks package deal that you want, please contact me and we can make it up for you.


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