Here are some guitar accessories to go along with your guitar picks.  


Our leather products are all hand made by a small family company down the street from us here in Nashville TN.  Black leather pouches to keep your picks in, key rings so you can alway have your V-PICKS with you and even a very cool black leather guitar pick wristband.  A lot of our players use more than one V-PICK on stage during a show and this helps them to have their favorites right there and ready.

Another one of our guitar accessories is the Ghost Rim Touch-up Tool.  If you are like me and Billy Gibbons and love the Ghost Rim option, this is a good way to save a few dollars.  No need to reorder when the edges smooth out.  Just grab this trusty tool and rough them up to your liking.


Our slides are hand made here in our shop.  We use the same type of material that we use to make our picks.  It is full of tone and grip.  We can even engrave your name, your band’s name, your girlfriends name, or even your Mama’s name on these slides.  Billy Gibbons LOVES our V-Slides and he even took some home one day to hand to Jeff Beck.  He called me from the studio one day and left a message saying  “The V-Slide was now the slide of choice”.  I kept that message on my phone for a very long time!


Here are also some cases for you to store and display your V-PICKS.  You can even have one of them laser engraved.


We are always on the lookout for new products to add to our guitar pick accessories.  Things to make playing guitar more fun and more successful.


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