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Are your friends stealing your V-PICKS?. This is probably the one that I hear the most. No need to go all Chef Ramsey on them. There are some good remedies for this.

Put a mouse trap on top of your amp, or desk or where ever you keep your favorite V-PICKS stash. This can really do the trick. Make sure however, that you remember where the remedy has been placed or else this one could backfire on you.

Or, just get some new friends. I have tried this a few times, but honestly, it never seems to work. The old ones just keep hanging around and the new ones are just as bad or WORSE thieves than the old friends.

Best one yet, advise them about www.v-picks.com and tell those slimy lizards to get their own picks! And while they are at it, buy you a few replacements for the ones they lifted while you were in the bathroom!

There really is an answer for everything, ya know…

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