Free Guitar Picks Giveaway

That’s right!  A FREE guitar picks giveaway!  Every month we will be giving away a V-PICKS Starter Kit to a lucky winner.  This could be you!  Seven of our biggest sellers and most popular guitar picks.  Just give us your email and that is all we need.  The first week of every month we will be randomly choosing an email from all the entries the previous month.  There will be a list on this page of the winners.  So, if you always wanted to try V-PICKS but just don't have the cash, here is your chance to win some free guitar picks!
I wish you all the best, Vinni.

Guitar Picks


Starter Kit by V-PICKS


  • Small Pointed Lite
  • Tradition Lite
  • Tradition Ultra Lite
  • Medium Round
  • Screamer
  • Medium Pointed Ultra Lite
  • Medium Pointed


Received my Starter Kit and enjoying the different flavors.
Thank you very much!


Here’s the fine print for the Free Guitar Picks Giveaway:

Only one entry per email monthly.

You will be contacted by email if you win.  To ensure the email will not go to your Spam  folder put our email in your contacts so your winning letter will show in your inbox.

You have three (3) days to respond to the announcement of your winnings.  If you have not responded, another winner will be randomly chosen.

When you have been chosen as the winner for that month, please send us your name and mailing address to with the subject WINNER. 

Lucky winners are only allowed to win once (1) per year.

By entering the contest you are agreeing to allow us to send you occasional emails about sales and new pick models, etc. (You can easily unsubscribe if you so wish).

The package will be sent out via USPS first class mail with no tracking number at no charge to the winner.

Due to shipping problems, Mexico, South America and Africa are not included in this free guitar picks giveaway.

Please, no substitutions.  You will be sent a V-PICKS Starter Kit.  No other items are included in this free guitar picks giveaway.

V-PICKS Inc. reserves the right to cancel and/or discontinue this giveaway at any time without reason and without notice.

Bummer!  Employees or family members of V-PICKS are not included in this free guitar picks giveaway.

    • August 2017 Winner – John M. from California
    • September 2017 Winner – Dean C. from South Korea
    • October 2017 Winner – Ron M. from Tennessee
    • November 2017 Winner – Shawn H. from Oklahoma
    • December 2017 Winner – Charles S. from New York
    • January 2018 Winner – Kenneth R. from California
    • February 2018 Winner – Tyler M. from New York
    • March 2018 Winner – Chip L. from Kentucky
    • April 2018 Winner – Bud W. from Florida
    • May 2018 Winner – Jared S. from Alabama
    • June 2018 Winner – Kevin S. from The Netherlands
    • July 2018 Winner – Keith B. from Ohio
    • August 2018 Winner -Henrik V. from Sweden
    • September 2018 Winner -Matt W. from Texas
    • November 2018 Winner – Mark G. from California
    • December 2018 Winner – Rudy S. from Texas
    • January 2019 Winner – Richard C. from Texas
    • February 2019 Winner – Bill W. from Nevada
    • March 2019 Winner – Neven Z. from Serbia
    • April 2019 Winner -Bill A. from Florida
    • May 2019 Winner – Dimos M. from Greece
    • June 2019 Winner – Karl B. from Sweden
    • July 2019 Winner – Mark S. from New York
    • August 2019 Winner – Mike C. from Florida
    • September 2019 Winner – Terry V. from Missouri
    • October 2019 Winner – Aaron K. from Canada
    • November 2019 Winner – Bill D. from North Carolina
    • December 2019 Winner – Todd B. from Pennsylvania
    • January 2020 Winner – Ronnie R. from Illinois
    • February 2020 Winner – Jeff B. from Colorado
    • March 2020 Winner – Bradley C. from Arizona
    • April 2020 Winner – Heather W. from New York
    • May 2020 Winner – Paul G. from Georgia
    • June 2020 Winner – Cynthia S. from Indiana
    • July 2020 Winner – Brian B. from Maryland

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