The number of people who play the dulcimer is small compared to the number of people who play guitars. So, if you play the dulcimer, consider yourself an elite! V-PICKS is proud to offer our dulcimerist hand-made dulcimer picks!

What is a Dulcimer?

A dulcimer is a stringed musical instrument which you can play by strumming with your fingers, picking with a pick, striking with a hammer, or playing with a bow. Dulcimers come in different shapes and sizes. Some are large enough to stand upright while others are small enough to balance on your lap. Dulcimers are beautiful instruments shaped like a trapezoid, a teardrop, or an hourglass. The hammered dulcimers have many strings and are played with handheld hammers. In contrast, the fretted dulcimers have three or four strings and are played by strumming and picking while it is placed across your lap.  V-Picks offers the best in dulcimer picks.

Dulcimer Picks

We currently offer two types of dulcimer picks: a lite pick (1.5 mm thick) and an ultra lite pick (0.8 mm thick). The ultra lite pick is slightly flexible whereas the lite version has no flex at all. Both are named “Bing” after the fabulous folk artist Bing Futch.  Do yourself a favor and try our V-pick “Bing”.

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V-PICKS: Made in USA

V-PICKS are famous for the quality, hand-crafted acrylic picks which are all made in the USA. Picks are made in varying sizes, thickness, and colors so that you can find one that suits you. The special blend of acrylics makes the picks slightly tacky so it resists slipping. Musicians who use our picks are always impressed at the superior sound when they use a pick from V-PICKS. Producing picks since 1980, V-PICKS knows picks like no one else and this is proven by the 100,000 picks sold worldwide every year. If you haven’t tried our picks yet, try one now and see the difference a quality pick can enhance your performance!  Please be aware that shipping within USA is only $1.99 (we also ship internationally) so don’t be shy, give us a call at (615) 927-5989 or contact us online.

Dulcimer Picks

Dulcimer Picks