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Many folks call and email to ask, “Do you make custom guitar picks?”

Well, the answer is both yes and no.  We do personalize picks with names and logos.  This must be done with a very one dimensional graphic that looks good when the laser burns it into the acrylic.  To make that more clear, the laser does not see colors or shades.  It is either black or white.  Therefore, basic “stick figure” logos and pictures turn out nicely.

Now, what we do not do is design a new plectrum with certain dimensions, thicknesses, colors and shapes that we do not already sell on the site.  For instance, we have had many requests for a symmetrical pick with two points and one rounded corner.  They never turn out to look like what the customer had in their minds, so we just say no to this request.

In the risk of sounding blunt, we make over 100 models.  These keep us very busy and on our toes every day.  We simply do not have the time or man power to become a custom guitar pick maker.  I would love to if we had the time.


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