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These unique picks are made in the USA by guitar players.  And who knows more about guitar plectrums than guitar players?  We are careful to make sure the tone, playability, feel and look are all top notch on the products you will receive.  So, enjoy playing your instrument, whether it is guitar, mandolin, dulcimer or bass.

V-PICKS  have carefully calculated bevels and our own special blend of acrylics.  They are magnificent because they play better, sound better and are more slip resistant.  Our players say they hear sweeter highs, stronger lows with a punchy, singing mid range.  These plectrums are very musical sounding.  This is the same material that a lot of great players use to build and strengthen their fingernails and they use acrylic because it is strong and sounds so good.

As a result, our plectrums react to the temperature and moisture in your fingertips, and this causes them to grip to you while you are playing.  Therefore, no need to hold your pick with a death grip, tiring our your fingers, hands or wrist. Just relax your hand, arms, fingers and let the pick do its job.  You will drop your pick less with these plectrums.   When you are not fumbling around with your guitar pick it allows you to think about playing your guitar instead, allowing you to release your feelings and emotions instead of worrying about your equipment.  If you are thinking about your pick when you are playing, then you are using the wrong pick.  These are just a few reasons many call V-PICKS the best guitar pick ever.


Billy Gibbons, Carlos Santana, Phil Keaggy, Orianthi and Johnny Hiland all play V-PICKS.   Maybe you should join them.