Many say V-PICKS Guitar Picks are simply the best guitar picks on the planet today.

First of all, If you are looking for the best guitar picks in the USA, look no further! V-PICKS Guitar Picks are known to give sweeter highs and deeper lows. Especially relevant, you can enhance your playing and increase your range with picks that create a richer and fuller sound. V-PICKS offers a huge selection of picks for guitars, mandolins, dulcimers, and bass. Picks come in a variety of sizes, thickness, and colors. So, buy a few and allow yourself to see and hear the difference a good pick can make to your sound.

V-PICKS is a family owned establishment based in “Music City” Nashville, Tennessee. A guitar player himself, Vinni understands the importance of a good plectrum that fits between your fingers and doesn’t slip. A pick needs to be responsive to musicians to produce clean sound that can be sweet. Vinni expected more from his guitar picks so he experimented and found the perfect blend of acrylics to create the best guitar picks in the USA. Don’t believe me? Check out the reviews and testimonials from our first-time and repeat customers.

Look who plays V-PICKS Guitar Picks

V-PICKS attracts everyday musicians and hobbyist like you and me.  Consequently, V-PICKS has also gotten the attention and loyalty from prominent guitarists such as  Carlos Santana, Billy Gibbons, and Phil Keaggy.  Working with professional musicians, Vinni has created custom or signature guitar picks which are preferred by accomplished artists. So, what better way to make the best guitar picks than to ask the best guitarists what they want and need for optimal performance.

“Which is the perfect pick?” you might ask. That’s different for every artist. Your best bet is to buy a few picks of different sizes, thickness, and styling so you can find what works best.  V-PICKS most definitely has the right pick for you.  The picks are not expensive so you can afford to buy a few and experiment with your sound. In conclusion, you’ll be surprised what a good pick can do to your performance. Many beginners buy our starter kit which has a selection of picks in different sizes and thicknesses. Please be aware that shipping within USA is only $2.85 (we also ship internationally) so don’t be shy, give us a call at (615) 927-5989 or contact us online.

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best Guitar Picks

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