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Learning To Play Guitar with the Best Guitar Picks by V-PICKS

I will get to the point immediately on this one.  A beginner should learn with quality guitar picks.

OK, so we all know that it is better to start off with the best guitar you can afford when learning how to play. This does not mean to go out and order a hand made beauty from Spain, but it does mean to shop and purchase a good instrument that will allow you to play with the least effort and even compensate a little for your inabilities. And I have seen many guitars that can do exactly that.

However, when most players do learn to play, they use the cheapest, most inferior guitar picks they can get their hands on. I did it, you did it, we all do it. Then we develop “problems”. The major issue I ended up with was playing every note with an upstroke. I just did not like the sound I got with down strokes at all. Never one time did I consider the problem to be the pick. Not once! No matter what strings I used or what guitar I played, I still insisted on upstrokes because they sounded good. BTW, between me and you, I was getting that cool sound that Albert King got by playing his Gibson Flying V flipped over to lefty. If you think about it, EVERY down stroke was an upstroke for him. Now, please know that I was not only able to play upstroking, I could economy pick quite well. But I sure did prefer all ups. Then when I saw Carlos doing the same thing, it was imbedded in my brain!

Then in the early 80s I was strolling thru a hardware store and saw a very interesting piece of material. It was beautiful and I thought, “I could make a guitar pick from that”. Took it home, cut out a triangle shape with a hack saw and ground it down on my bench grinder. Took it to the gig that night and VOILA! It was like a giant light lit up in my head. Could not believe the tone and volume. And all this with very little effort on my part. As the weeks went on, I made more of these picks. Gave them to friends and bandmates. Even bass players would come up to me at a gig and ask, “Do you have any of those cool guitar picks you make?”

Then something very interesting happened. I stopped playing with all upstrokes. Not a conscious decision. It just happened. I am now convinced it is because I got everything I wanted out of my instrument and with a lot less work. Could it have been this simple all along? Would I have been a lot better guitar player at that point if I had been using a tool like this from the start. I am completely convinced at this point the answer to this questions is YES. And to ad to that, I most likely would have not had the bad habbits to overcome that I had aquired.

Now, I am not coming at you with these statements just to sell you V-PICKS. I have had this opinion since 1980. 25 years before ever starting the company. I believe that if you start off with the best guitar pick you can find, you will thank yourself years later.

Thanks so much for reading this article. I appreciate your time. If you get a chance, please visit us at www.v-picks.com


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