Acoustic guitarists are a discriminating group of musicians and they should be! Their choice of equipment has a huge effect on their sound and performance. In addition to the guitar itself, a guitarists sound and style is greatly influenced by the acoustic guitar picks they use. Before you settle with one type of pick, take the opportunity to try different types, sizes and makes of picks.   You will be surprised to see how different they sound and feel. You might find that you can access different sounds and moods in your music. Indeed, many guitarists have a collection of guitar picks to encompass a broad range of tones and textures.

Acoustic Guitar Picks: Sizes, Shapes, and Materials

Guitar and mandolin picks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

    • Materials: Guitar picks can be made from almost any material including stone, bone, shell, wood, plastic, and composite materials. Some say that picks made with turtle shell are best; however, these are no longer made due to endangered species regulations. Typical guitar picks are made of plastic, but even here, there are many types of plastics such as nylon, celluloid, acrylic, and more. Harder materials likemetal tend to give a brighter and sharper tone compared to their softer counterparts.


    • Shapes & Sizes: Most guitar picks are triangular in shape though they may be elongated or tear-drop in shape. Their size differs in the length and width: they can be as small as a fingertip, or as large as 2″ across. Larger picks are easier to hold but small picks allow for a warmer, muted tone. Guitar picks also vary in thickness. Most acoustic guitarists prefer thin picks because they allow for fast action playing and strumming. Thicker, heavier picks are good for heavier sounds, however, there’s no reason why you can’t use a thick pick if that works for you.


  • Colors & Designs: Although the color and design on a guitar pick does not affect its functionality, they are expressive and fun features. Some picks are branded with company logos which show your loyalty. Colors will show your flare and love for the craft, and distinctive emblems will show your sophistication.
  • Acoustic Guitar Picks: Best Prices & Quality

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Acoustic Guitar Picks

Acoustic Guitar Picks

Acoustic Guitar Picks